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Serendipity Systems is the oldest commercial publisher of electronic books. We started in the days of MS-DOS 1.2 when things were on 160K, single-sided, 5 1/4 inch floppy disks. Electronic publishing is a quantium phenomonon--things develop by rapid jumps. We started in ASCII in MS-DOS, then jumped to Windows, to bullitin boards, to the Internet, to CDs, to dedicated devices like the Rocker eBook and Kendle, to who knows what is next! Each jump made the previous ones obsolete, so publishers had to scramble to advance. Sometimes we wait to see where things are going, but it seems that we have reached a plateau for the moment. Nevertheless, we are thinking about what may come next. In the mean time, we are going to jump to the Apple iPad with the Retina display. This has greater potential than the Kendle we had been using. Therefore, the next PhotoFiction edition we produce will have spectacular photographs, and out how-to books will have clearer illustrations.

However, be forewarned, the iPad is only an interum step. Afterall, for ebooks, it is only a more sophisticated update of the idea pioneered by the Rocket eBook. (Disclosure: we were one of the beta testers.) We don't yet know what will be the next quantum jump for electronic publishing, but when we figure it out, visitors to this location will be the first to know about it.

We are now offering a free eBooks here to demonstrate publishing under the latest iPad Mini Retina specifications. See below. (They will also run on regular computers, but the photos may be larger than your screen resolution.)

Note that these PDFs will also run on regular computers, plus we have eBooks for the Kindle. If you want a traditional format, we have paperbacks. See below.

The iPad Mini is a walled garden. Apple wants you to buy stuff from their iTunes, iBooks, and Apps locations; they make user-to-user direct sales difficult. Furthermore, they don't like PC users in their garden. For example, we store our eBooks at Mediafire, however, if you go there using the iPad's Safari browser, the download button does not even appear.

So, we are going to have to be like Black people going into the rich man's mansion by the "servant's entrance," and we are going to go into the Apple garden by the back door. It's embarassing to be so unwelcome, and the process is cumbersome, but it works. To do this you will need a regular computer.

Step 1
Use your computer to download the PDF file you want.

Step 2
Open the draft folder of your e-mail program and make a letter which has the PDF file as an attachment. Save it.

Step 3
Open Safari in your iPad and go to your mail program.

Step 4
Click on that attachment in your draft folder. The iPad will, after loading, present you with a gray screen. Tap the upper right of it, and that will open the "open in iBooks" box. Tap that to open the file. You will then be presented with a password box. Tap and fill it in with your password. Viola! You are now in the Apple garden.

Step 5
Go back to your computer and delete the letter from your draft folder.

Remember, you own your iPad. What files you choose to put on your device should not be dictated by corporate censorship. This is a free press issue. Serendipity systems does not publish x-rated material, but if we did, you would not want some Puritanical flunkie at Apple telling you what you can or can not buy.

Update: I just checked the Mediafire files under a friend's desktop Mac running Safari 7.1.4 and found that the download links were active! Why Apple should let them be active for a computer and disable them for an iPad is a mystery.
However, I have discovered that some Apple computers will not allow Mefiafire to access the database where our files are located. It is not yet clear if this is an Apple problem, or something to do with the virus checker's security system. If you can not access our files, send an email with eBook help as the subject. Worse case scenario: we could send you a file as an attachment to an email reply.

NOTE: The above proceedure is NOT "jailbreaking" the iPad. No modifications of the operating system are involved. We are merely going through an alrerady open (but hidden) back door.

PHOTOfiction -- what is it?

We may be in the last days of narrative fiction. Writers of novels could be joining epic poets in the dustbin of literary history. Reading is being replaced by viewing, so the future belongs to cameramen, film makers, and animators. What can be done about the decline of serious reading?

In order to seduce the young we-never-read-books, we-only-look-at-stuff generation to the written word, we have created the photofiction literary genre where created-together photographic illustrations share the page equally with text.

The first book of this type, A Maine Yankee at Big Sur, includes more than a hundred related photographs of the Big Sur area. Trout Summer is the second book in this series. Once we use the art to lure the readers in the door, we hope to get them to say, "Novels, what a great idea." Like Socrates, we aspire to the corruption of youth.

* * *

In recent years, the publishing industry has been hit with several "false memoirs" scandals-- Love and Consequences, A Million Little Pieces, and more. In all these cases porported truth was actually fabricated narration. Here we are doing the exact opposite. This is fiction, but by augmenting the text with photographic illustrations, we are saying all of this could be true.


NOTE THIS: Ignore the "file not available" error message from Mediafire. Go to the download button (red arrow below.) This will open the save box (green arrow.) Save the file to your hard drive.

Read Me file at Mediafire = http://www.mediafire.com/view/g4yrzzlgl52tg44/READ_ME.txt

A Maine Yankee at Big Sur = http://www.mediafire.com/view/39zd5loo79y4uj1/AMaineYankeeAtBigSur.pdf"

The Blue-eyed Muse (Book 1) = http://www.mediafire.com/view/6uov6hn66ki49mh/BLUE_MUSE_book1.pdf

The Blue-eyed Muse (Book 2) = http://www.mediafire.com/view/otr3euog7arf27n/BLUE_MUSE_book2.pdf

The Blue-eyed Muse (Book 3) = http://www.mediafire.com/view/lw1rmfw1b536ah6/BLUE_MUSE_book3.pdf

Panorama Camera Designs = http://www.mediafire.com/view/r24plafx3cu3rza/CameraEbook.pdf

Trout Summer (Illustrated) = http://www.mediafire.com/view/2560n3z55zcs9f7/TROUTcolor2.pdf

Trout Summer (Reviewers' edition) = http://www.mediafire.com/view/glj062f2bo35y7r/TROUTcolorRV2.pdf

Digital View Camera = http://www.mediafire.com/view/sk5mz5cb9smj057/dviewcam.pdf

Digital View Camera - Update #1 = http://www.mediafire.com/view/qo5h2nz9uvgfnju/upviewcam1.pdf

NOTE: The above two items go together. Updates are free; you only pay for the manual.

NOTE: the above publications are our older books, and they do not make use of the Retina display. They are not specific to the iPad, so they will run on regular computers, or any device allowing the use of password-protected PDF files.

BIG SUR SHORE HIKE --- FREE eBOOK = http://www.mediafire.com/view/e14f77vnj3o14jn/SurHike.pdf

The free book is designed for the iPad with the Retina display screen. Illustrations are high-resolution, mostly 2000 X 1500 pixels in size.
The password to open the free book is freebook

BIG SUR CONDOR VISIT --- FREE eBOOK = http://www.mediafire.com/view/zr1wx7x351aqx44/condor.pdf">
This is another free book for the iPad with Retina display.

The password to open the book is surbird
Yes, we know that there is a typo in the book!

EXCERPTS - try before you buy

A Maine Yankee at Big Sur

Trout Summer

The Blue-eyed Muse

Xtreme Digital Photography

When you buy a paperback from Createspace, we'll give you a FREE eBook copy.* See Links:

A Maine Yankee at Big Sur ..... www.createspace.com/4110844

Trout Summer .....

The Blue-eyed Muse (Vol. 1) ..... www.createspace.com/4159496

The Blue-eyed Muse (Vol. 2) ..... www.createspace.com/4159525

The Blue-eyed Muse (Vol. 3) ..... www.createspace.com/4159543

Xtreme Digital Photography ..... www.createspace.com/4116137

*The free PDF eBook is NOT for the Kindle or iPad.

NOTE that PHOTOfiction editions are only available in electronic book form. The paperbacks are text.

Now available for the Kindle

The text-only edition for the Kindle is now available from Amazon.

Click here to go to Amazon.com

Now available for the Kindle

The text-only edition for the Kindle is now available from Amazon.

Click here to go to Amazon.com

A Note from Serendipity Systems

All PDF eBook files posted at Mediafire are password protected.
To get the password, send us a payment of $9.95 for each book via PayPal.
Be sure to send us an e-mail notifying us of your payment and which book(s) you are buying.

The e-mail link is below.

You can find more information on the books by visiting our Internet sites.

For fiction, go to:
www.PHOTOfiction.BIZ (Photofiction novels)
www.bookware.org (General information on eBooks, etc.)
www.s-e-r-e-n-d-i-p-i-t-y.com (Books published under the BOOKWARE imprint)

For non-fiction, go to:
www.XtremeDigitalPhotography.com (Photography-related books and art prints)
www.TheInfiniteBook.com (Non-fiction BOOKWARE editions)

The Photofiction and XtremeDigitalPhotography books are also available as paperbacks from www.Createspace.com.

There is a bonus ... when you buy the paperback, we give you a FREE copy of the eBook version.











BOOKWARE.ORG -- Electronic book information

TheInfiniteBook.COM -- Non-fiction eBooks

PHOTOfiction.BIZ -- Art and story

newsNH.COM -- New Hampshire Newspaper

XtremeDigitalPhotography.COM -- Photography and Cameras


Now available ...

Note that, because of the shift feature of the adapter, this camera will shoot five overlapping images.

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