If you need ordinary photography--weddings, family gatherings, portraits, etc., don't call me. However, if you require something exotoc, remote, scientific, or very special, perhaps I can help you.

I like to shoot film-based panorama photos using custom-made cameras with 120 color roll film, but I have used everything from half-frame 35mm copy cameras to large format. For the best photographic results, you need to match the equipment to the task at hand. Selecting the camera and lens is the first step. So, to that end, here is what I have available:


-----Fuju 14MPX point-and-shoot
-----Nikon D3200 24MPX SLR
----------18mm to 400mm lenses; close-up
----------View camera adapter with 155mm metrogon lens for 100MPX stitched image

35mm film
-----Nikon, Lieca, Minolta, and Fuji bodies
----------28mm to 1200mm lenses; macro; close-up; copy, etc.

120 Roll film
-----Mamiya Press bodies
----------65mm to 250mm lenses
---------------Formats: 4.5X6; 6X6; 6X7; 6X9

-----6X12 with 50mm Mamiya lens
-----6X15 with 90mm Ilex wide lens and center filter
-----6X18 with 90mm Super-Angulon lens
-----6X24 with 121mm Super-Angulon lens
-----6X36 with 159mm Wollensak lens

4X5 View Cameras
-----Calumet bodies
----------75mm to 475mm lenses
---------------Roll film adapters; 6X7 & 6X9

8X10 View Camera
-----TTI Body
----------159mm Wollensak lens

-----Sealife Reefmaster 35mm dive camera

Flash, filters, etc.
-----Various items, including center filter, red intensifier, etc.

Copy stand
-----Modified 36 inch MP-4 rack

-----35mm to 120 roll with 50mm lens
-----4X5 with 90mm lens
----------Note: Darkroom located in New Hampshire

Film scanners
-----Epson 3500 Photo; 35mm, 120 roll, panorama & 4X5 film
-----MicroTec ScanMaster E6; 8X10 film


My preferred method is via a 4X4 truck outfitted for wilderness excursions. This allows me to access remote locations, plus pack a variety of photo equipment, plus the all-important espresso machine. Other options are available. Out-of-country work needs to be scheduled with sufficient advance time for visas, getting local currency, etc.


$160 per diem, plus expenses (fuel, tolls, ferry fees, etc.)

Photo shooting
$200 per diem, plus expenses (film, etc.)

Film development
Actual costs (film developed at a commercial lab)

Photo processing
$160 per diem (touch up work, scanning, etc.)

Photo printing
-----If commercial shop: actual cost
-----If in-house: $160 per diem, plus expenses (paper, etc.)

Photo mounting
$160 per diem, plus expenses (mats, packaging, etc.)

-----Per diem = standard 8 hour day; pro rated for fractional days
-----Expenses: itemized list / reciepts provided to client
-----Air travel for film work may be difficult because of airport security X-ray machines