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"A dark and stormy night ..."

January 6 and 7 brought the strongest storm of the season to Big Sur. There were high winds, heavy rain, and extreme ocean roughness. A friend's truck was smashed by rocks falling onto Highway One, and there was a fatal shipwreck at San Simeon. At 9AM, I drove down Hwy 1 for eighteen miles before I encountered another car. In other words, it was a perfect time for photography. Here are a few samples from that storm.

This photo of the Pauling Ranch at Big Sur was taken at f32, 1/15th of a second, using a 6X18 format camera with a 90mm Schneider-Kreuznach Super Angulon lens

Two photographs taken with a Minolta SLR were "Photoshopped" together. (The photographs were taken with the intention to stitch them together--a single 35mm frame was just too small for what we wanted to capture.)

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