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Blackburn School, Livingston County, Missouri, October 1914

One day, several years ago, I was in the Silent Partner photocopying store in Cambria. One of the other customers was an elderly woman who wanted to make copies of some old family portraits which were, unfortunately, in poor condition. She mentioned, in passing, that the original negatives were glass. That got me to wondering how difficult it might be to restore old photos. I monitored eBay auctions until I found something worthy of interest. This negative had a lot of damage, but the image had potential, I thought.

This is a positive from the original 5X7" glass negative:

It took almost eight hours of work with "Photoshop" to clean up the picture.

Here is a detail:

This photo is available as a print on 13" X 19" paper in an 18" X 24" mat.

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